Our First Family Session

Before Everett was born, I knew I wanted a photo series done of our new family within the first week of his life. Of course I can snap pictures of our peanut every day I spend with him, and as a photographer and zealous new mother, I usually do. However, I wanted this photo session to be different, with the raw emotion of our precious new days together as a family captured from the outside in.

Samantha Whillock, a former college classmate and best friend to us, was just the person I trusted to capture this all-encompassing bond. We couldn’t be happier with the work she did or the way she photographed the three of us in our new home. I can feel the love in each photo, Everett so small in our arms. He was this dainty, fragile thing we were suddenly forever responsible for. Cory and I were completely exhausted when we took these photos, but too mesmerized by this precious little life to notice.  That first week was unlike anything else on this earth, filled with figuring it out as we went, snuggles, and in turn a growing love and appreciation for each other.

It was unique to have someone photograph us in the intimacy of his nursery, our bedroom, and our backyard, but it was an experience I believe helped me to grow as a photographer. Sam made it so special for us, encouraging us to act naturally in our space. We were so truly entranced by every movement Everett made, it was easy to forget about the camera.

I find all experiences, both big and small, positive and negative, make us more human. Perhaps the same is true in my photography–if I can understand how my clients feel when I’m behind the lens, maybe I can give them better direction, and make the relationship between photographer and subject that much better. Now that I’ve sat in front of the camera on an in-home lifestyle session, I’m excited to work with clients in the same type of setting.

I hope you enjoy this post–thanks for reading!

Samantha Whillock Photography // Kelly Jo Photo


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