Hosting Brunch: Tips & Tricks

This weekend, we had our first gathering at our home since moving in and since having a baby. It was a beautiful day to celebrate Everett’s baptism with our families. The service was so special to us. My favorite moment was when Pastor Phil said,

We hope above all for Everett James to be happy every day of his life.

Our family came over after church for brunch. I’m so thankful for everyone who came to spend their time celebrating Everett’s special day. As I was a rookie brunch hostess, I learned a lot, so I thought I’d create a little list of tips and tricks…

  1. Buy extra ice. Even though I had a whole “Build Your Own Beverage” spread, I forgot, but we were lucky enough to have Aunt Judy swing in with a plentiful supply just before things got rolling.
  2. If you like to host, always peruse Target’s dollar section. Over the last month, I found white and gold jars that I used for trail mix and candies, plus a banner, a chalkboard and chalkboard labels.  These were simple touches that I was glad I had on hand when it came time to decorate.
  3. Pinterest is your friend, but it can be super overwhelming. I created a board for brunch and entertaining and pinned everything that caught my eye for a few weeks. Then I narrowed it down to what was realistic for our brunch, and made myself a list of supplies and ingredients on paper.
  4. Prepare as much as possible the day/night before. For the foods that can’t be prepared until morning, use their dishes for spacial reference, and make notes to yourself signifying which foods go where.
  5. Prettify your space with finishing touches–the simpler the better. This weekend I opted for fresh flowers of all kinds from Trader Joe’s (fairly inexpensive by the bouquet) in my random assortment of vases.  For cocktail glasses, I used mason jars. My grandma has a plentiful supply of white “entertaining” plates and silverware that she lent us.  My mother-in-law borrowed me her white table linens, and I purchased packages of gold and white cocktail and dinner napkins.
  6. Consider your guests’ food allergies — my sister has Celiac Disease so I’m used to this one — most people with an allergy don’t EXPECT there to be things they can eat, but it’s nice for them to enjoy at least a few things like everyone else! Wendy made a delicious couple of options for her, and I picked up some gluten-free dessert.
  7. Accept help from friends or relatives who want to bring food/help setup/contribute. I was so excited to host that it took me a while to realize I did in fact want the help, especially with the food. Our moms, grandmas, aunt Wendy and my sisters were a huge help with food.
  8. When your brunch finally gets  underway, relax and enjoy the people you’re spending the day with.

At the end of the day, nothing matters more than the memories made with your guests.

[Everett is wearing the baptismal outfit work by his dad and his three uncles. My Dress: Merona @ Target / Scarf: Target / Booties: Forever21]


Fresh Fruit, Yogurt + Granola Parfaits, Cinammon Rolls, Eggbake, Quinoa Salad, Crackers + Cheese, Potatoes, Ham, Caprese Salad, Sticky Buns, Corn Bread, Pumpkin Bars, Cupcakes, Biscotti, Coffee, Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Fruit Water, Lemonade


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