Oh, Christmas Tree

It’s that beautiful time of year: the first snow blankets the grass. The drab trees glisten with a sparkle of white.  Thanksgiving is now done, and it’s time to cozy up with loved ones as the days grow even shorter and our fireplaces keep us warm.


Turning on Christmas music, Cory and I began decorating our house early in the week with our artificial tree (I’m allergic to the real things, unfortunately).  As we unpacked the boxes of ornaments, I couldn’t help but remember when we picked out our first tree as a married couple last year.  I remember going to Target late one night when we were both off work.  The winter is so busy for us with the Wolves schedule, and last year I was working retail.  That particular trip to Target was kind of special–it was a rare night spent together–and one of the last outings we shared before we found out I was pregnant.

The tree was easy to choose–we agreed on the same one right away.  Cory wanted colorful ornaments; I had a vision of a perfect neutral tree decorated with gold and silver bulbs.  We met in the middle with an assortment of gold, silver, and red decorations. All gold lights.

We decorated the tree last November in our house in Burnsville, Bella dressed in a red sweater that she hated. This year, we are settled into our Cannon Falls home as a family of three, plus Bella of course. I can’t imagine how special this holiday season will be with a little one, but I know I’m looking forward to it.

Today, on Black Friday, as we finished our decorating, we had a few special visitors. It’s so wonderful having friends home during the holidays. I read Everett Christmas stories and opened a package we received from the wonderful ladies at Hi Little One, a beautiful personalized holiday set.

I have a feeling every year will continue to grow more special.


photos of me taken by Samantha Whillock Photography.


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