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When January First came, I didn’t change overnight. Yes, I have resolutions, but I think anything forced ends badly…thus, I’ve given myself a bit of time to get my affairs in order, which includes taking care of my physical well being…Tonight I did this workout relying solely by own body and a productive 25 minutes.

In 2016, I’m exercising to maintain my overall health and wellness. No crazy-long workouts, but rather quick bursts of hard focus–a little each day. I’m always happier when I’m active. I want to live a long and full life, chasing my children around, traveling, and getting the most out of every physical and mental experience. Since the week I came home from the hospital after having Everett, I’ve been walking almost daily because I crave fresh air and the acceleration of my heartbeat as my muscles pump energy throughout my legs.  Lately, it’s way too cold to step outside, especially with an infant, so I’ve been utilizing my elliptical machine.

I’ve been doing my best to put in 20 minutes per day  since the New Year. That’s one episode of FRIENDS on Netflix. For the days I need to clear my head, it’s 20 thoughtless, beautiful minutes I get all to myself. Albeit a small window of sweating, it has made a huge difference in how I feel.

More recently, I’ve been researching how different types of activity affect our bodies. There are so many workouts that can be done in the living room, with zero equipment. This is one I busted back out tonight, and my muscles are still a little shaky…in a good way.

I highly recommend this routine for anyone who wants to feel the burn in a few places they maybe haven’t in a while. Start small, maybe the 80 push-ups will be done on your knees the first time. Once your body adjusts, kick it up a notch–there’s always ways to challenge yourself in a workout.



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