inspired: my journey to my best health

Since beginning Nourish Move Love‘s 30 day meal and workout plans, I’ve been completely inspired by the easy, healthful recipes and more motivated than ever to kick my body into its best shape. Not only did the kit I won come with awesome workout routines and a meal plan, Lindsey, the woman behind NML, sends emails to motivate, and share her latest posts, meal ideas and yoga flows.


I met Lindsey at a Barre Class she taught at a Girl.Creative event about a week ago.  It was just one week after reading Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I had hit another low point in my depression about a month ago. Then I left for Florida, brought the book along, and I felt a sense of release. I was resetting my mind, body and soul by being away from the norm, all while reading this great self-help book. Wow, that sounds looney. Oh well.


The book helped me to understand how to listen to my body, and to nourish it with what it truly needs. I started making small changes. I ate breakfast everyday I was on my trip, for one. I didn’t have all of the foods I wanted on hand, but I started with making one egg, having a handful of almonds, and a different fruit every day. I have my hangups, as so many do, with eating. This book was a great guide in accepting where you’re at, but knowing where you want to be. It was largely inspiring in the realm of working hard towards an end goal, without restricting or taking shortcuts. The idea is to be properly nourished and feeling great. I think a common fault of mine is to take the easy way out, or to give up if I get off track. But now, I’m ready to be my best me, and to set a great example for my family when it comes to health and wellness by living as sincerely as possible. I already knew a lot about eating clean and filling myself with greens and fresh foods, but Pretty Happy laid the framework really nicely.

Once I began nourishing myself better, the only thing I felt like I was missing was a consistent workout routine.

Enter Nourish MOVE Love…Since having Everett, the most working out I had done was walking, a bit of yoga, and every once in a while I’d get super motivated and add some type of toning. I wasn’t properly nourishing myself, and I was constantly feeling tired and weak.


Finally, things have changed, and I’m taking care of myself. I feel a great balance as I go hard for 20 minutes, once a day, and then I don’t feel like I’m over (or under) doing it. The INTENSE workouts are the perfect way to start my day while I wait for Everett to wake up, or I can complete them while he’s playing in the living room next to me. I love that he gets to witness me taking care of my health.


I think teaching by example is one of the most powerful parts of parenting.


Now, one week into my first 30 Day Challenge with Nourish Move Love, I finally feel like I’m giving my body what it needs. I’m happiest when I’m working out, eating clean and as a result am full of energy. I used to drink at least one pot of coffee per day, and the last few weeks I’ve been able to cut back to no more than one cup. I have been drinking a lot more tea, as well as Suja Juice, an organic probiotic infused water beverage.


Another thing that has helped me immensely is getting back to journaling. Kate Hudson was a huge advocate for journaling in Pretty Happy. She had a variety of activities throughout the read to be completed in your own “Drawing Board”, aka a journal. From how foods make you feel, to what your dreams are, the Drawing Board was a tangible way to document how you felt in any given moment. Once I got back to journaling, I immediately felt myself dwelling less, because I was addressing what was bothering me, learning from it, and then ready to move on.


Kate and Lindsey have very similar nutritional outlooks. Their recommendations and grocery shopping lists are mostly organic, clean, FRESH foods.  Nothing processed. Very low in sugar, and mostly gluten-free. That might sound intense, but it’s actually amazing. I’ve been eating this way (and mostly dairy free–I’m lactose intolerant but have usually kind of ignored it) for about three weeks, and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’ve heard of this way of eating, but I hadn’t been properly educated on all of the research, until I read Pretty Happy. I’m eating a LOT, and often, especially foods rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats. It’s amazing how much our mental health is impacted by our physical well-being. I’m happy to say my depression has been mostly at bay…which opens up a whole other realm of possibilities in my mind, like working on my blog.

“You don’t have to be perfect to be happy. Pretty happy is pretty great.”


PS, I made these amazing muffins last night to have for the weekend, they’re a variation of a recipe you can find here on Lindsey’s NML blog! I added blueberries to mine and topped with raw almond butter! Enjoy xo



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