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Everett got up on all fours today. It was the first time, and also the day he turns eight months old. I remember when he was born, thinking, “I want him to stay this way forever.” Cory would remind me that each stage would get better. He was right. I took these photos of him this morning, and I can’t believe how big he looks in them.

From his giggles to his Buddha belly, those long dark eyelashes, and every noise and look in between, he melts me.

Cory sent me an email today from work and noted how he loves the way Everett looks at me. Motherhood makes me feel like I have a purpose. I used to struggle with knowing who I was sometimes.

I love our little guy in every way, but especially when we are home together on my days off, he in his diaper, so natural and baby-like. I love to let him be little. Then there are our outings…I feel lost and weird if he’s not with me. He does such a great job and is my best buddy wherever we go.


Personal style is one of my favorite forms of self-expression. I love to make outfits for Everett. I have since before he was born. One thing I get asked a lot is where I shop for baby clothes. The truth is EVERYWHERE! Here are a few flatlays I created of some of my favorite baby threads:


Favorite Places to Shop: H&M, Old Navy, Baby Gap, Target, TJ MAXX, Zara, Pacifier, Nordstrom, Boutiques/Local Artists & Vendors, Amazon, etc. Cory has also been gifted hand-me-downs from a few former MN Timberwolves players, and I’ve purchased some pre-loved items from friends with similar style to me. We also love the brands MilkBarn Kids, Hi Little One, Tumblewalla, and H&M Conscious.

What I Look For: I love basics! A plain white onesie is so natural and fun for baby to wear–it can be dressed up or down with a few extra details. I am addicted to neutral colors that we can re-work over and over again, adorable add-ons like beanies and easy shoes, comfortable clothing, sustainable clothing, clothes that give back/have a purpose, handmade items, things that will be easy for him to MOVE in, etc.

When to Shop: One of the best tricks I’ve learned when it comes to saving money is to shop the end of the season sales. I have purchased winter coats for next year, and the two years after, and two of them I only spent $10 on at Old Navy! I also never buy anything at GAP full price, they ALWAYS have sales of some kind! It’s harder to get to the mall or boutique stores as a mom, so I do a lot of our shopping online.

I love to change up Everett’s style from sporty to hipster to dapper to country, and so much in between. His looks can be found on Instagram under the hashtag #EverettsWorld.

As far as what a baby wears, the only thing that really matters is their smile.


Everett’s Outfit Details from 8 Month Photos:
Beanie Hat & Elbow Patch Henley T: H&M
Cuffed Elastic Waist Denim Shorts (w/ extra stretch): Target
Moccasins: Minnetonka Moccasins



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