Summer & Style

Summer has already been crazy busy. Does anyone else find themselves “waiting” for it to start, when in reality it’s upon us and moving faster and faster every day?…Cory and I have had a lot of fun bringing Everett to my grandma’s pool, seeing friends, and endlessly balancing our hectic and never consistent schedules.


Summer also means Everett has been around for almost a year, which seems all too unreal. The past eleven months have been filled with ups and downs, the good outweighing the challenging. I’ve learned a lot. Sometimes I get mad at myself and know I can do better, as both a life partner and a mom, but that’s why each day is a fresh start.

On a lighter note, I’ve narrowed down my summer wardrobe to a few key pieces that work no matter what we’re doing. One of my favorite options is a simple maxi dress. I found this easy black floral piece at Forever 21 for around $25. [photos are linked to product]

Another go-to is a romper. I’ve got them in every style because they’re so EASY!

This rust-colored number comes from J. Crew Factory and has pockets (YES!) and is the right fabric to be dressed up or down. [photos are linked to product]

Finally, I want to mention my love JEWELRY! In all shapes and sizes, I’ve grown a new appreciation for uniquely crafted pieces. I especially like “212 West – the spoken life… Their pieces are the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve–er, around your neck. I have two necklaces from their collection. They’re FUN and perfect for summer when I want to add a [literal] statement to my look. Plus, it’s always a joy knowing you’re supporting a MN company.



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