staying true when winter’s blue

Slish, Slosh–it’s the dead of winter. The cabin fever is real, but it’s hard to want to leave the house when it’s cold and sloppy out.


Sick of being pent up this week, Cory and I spontaneously ventured out for an early ultrasound to learn the gender of our second baby.  And, it’s another BOY! I can’t wait to watch our guys grow up together, just two years apart in age. Everett’s love for his mama is unlike anything else and I will never get over all of his hugs, kisses and love. I am spoiled! Cory will be a great dad to both boys, just like he already is to Everett.

This pregnancy has been different. Already well into my second trimester, I have been struggling to feel like myself. Everything is sort of happening out of control and I feel dazed and exhausted a lot of the time. Everett is growing faster than I can document and realize. I’ve been trying to stay in tune with who I am and everything happening to my body by meditating, listening to my favorite music, and giving some attention to living creatively in photography and style (both in-home and in-wardrobe). These small things can be hard to find time for while juggling two jobs, a marriage in its third year, and a growing, changing toddler.

Thanks to my gypsy-soul-sister friend Samantha, who recently made the move from Bemidji, MN to Cannon Falls, I have been feeling much more excited about the things I love. She has a mind a lot like mine; we both crave chaos and adventure, style and creativity, but need some organization and focus, as well. She recently introduced me to A R D E N. Their dresses are unique and affordable, plus pregnancy/mama friendly (AKA all I want to wear the next five months and long afterward). They feel like buttery-soft pajamas.

We spent a day co-working this week (since we both have the option to work remotely). We ate french toast, drank a lot of coffee and got things done. We took 30 minutes at the end of our day together to take some photos. It’s pretty convenient and amazing to have a best friend who is also a photographer. We are constantly bouncing ideas off one another, learning from each other, and laughing at ourselves.

I think Bella is glad that she and I will remain the queens of the house. She’s looking extra fluffy in these photos because I gave her a long overdue lavender bath. She’s my little lady sidekick. I couldn’t be more proud of her and how she’s adapted to Everett (most of the time). People always tell me they think I need a little girl. When I saw our baby boy waving to me on the ultrasound,

I knew that he was exactly the second baby I needed.

Tips for Getting Out of a Winter Slump:
  1. Take a little time each day for something you love – read, scroll Pinterest, have coffee your way,  work out, etc.
  2. Organize/de-clutter anything – the utensil drawer, your closet, the fridge. It feels good to have a task that has a start and stop point. You’ll feel so refreshed afterward!
  3. Know that it’s okay to say no. You don’t have to spread yourself thin and try to attend/participate in EVERYTHING. You are only human. Do what you can.
  4. Love the space you live in–sometimes this is as simple as lighting candles or diffusing oils you enjoy. I’m a big fan of buying fresh eucalyptus at Trader Joe’s for around $5 and letting its aroma fill the house.
  5. Spend time with positive people. Got someone in your life who is full of bitterness, drama and negativity? It’s okay to remove yourself from their toxicity. It will make you a better you for yourself and loved ones who don’t drain the life out of you.
  6. Meditate – I know this can be intimidating and “weird” but my favorite way to get a good night’s rest lately is to lay in bed with headphones (or I go to bed earlier than Cory) and listen to a guided meditation targeted for a deep sleep. I have never felt more rested or slept sounder than since I started this practice. It’s a great time to turn off your brain after a long day.
dresses : A R D E N
watch : TIMEX
*Save around 40% by purchasing this watch from Amazon.*
duck boots : TARGET
*Save up to 70% by purchasing in-store and using Cartwheel*
black booties : PRIMP
crossbody bag : MADEWELL


We had our ultrasound done at Before Birth 4D Imaging by Debbie Dodge. She’s AMAZING!

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