my journey to wellness, PART I : beautycounter

I’ve been saying it since I started my blog, but less is truly more. Less clutter, fewer ingredients, and fewer obligations are a couple things that come to mind. There’s a lot of junk in the world. I want to have less of it in my life, and to thrive on the opposite.

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Every once in a while, I have to slow down and reset.  It’s been a long time coming over the last couple years, but I’m finally feeling like my puzzle pieces fit together. One of the biggest and most beneficial changes was my decluttering a few months back. I’ve cleaned up my eating and physical health tremendously in the last couple years, and am in the midst of changing how I take care of myself in other ways.

I was riding along in the car with my sister one day when she asked if I’d heard of the app called “Think Dirty”. I laughed because of the name, and had no idea what to think as I told her I hadn’t.

It’s not what you think, either…

Think Dirty is an app that classifies cosmetics, home cleaning products, and more according to the safety and toxicity of their ingredients. When I got home that day I downloaded the app and started scanning the barcodes of my products. I considered myself someone fairly mindful of known carcinogens and allergens, especially since becoming a mother. 10 is the “worst” or most harmful, and 0 is the “best”, or cleanest.

I was flabbergasted to learn which products ranked poorly, or really, terribly when I truly thought I was doing the right thing in buying things that claimed to be “green” or “natural”.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 9.08.12 AM.png

After eliminating a ton of CRAP from my cosmetics and our personal care cupboards, I thought again about what I use daily on myself and on my family. In the past I’ve gone at these attempted changes in full force, growing disappointed and frustrated with myself when I would unavoidably fall short of perfection.

This time I’m keeping myself in check by following a slow and steady mindset. I’ve promised myself to always allow a bit of wiggle room because perfection is impossible but progress is constant.

One of my favorite  brands I’ve discovered since making these changes is Beautycounter, as it’s been a one-stop shop for cosmetics, skincare and products for the whole family.


My college friend Kelly S. told me about these products she recently began using. She puts her heart and energy into keeping her home toxin-free, happy and healthy for herself and her family, and she knew I would love to hear about the products. She sent me the baby wash and a sheer lip tint. The baby wash is PERFECT for Everett’s daily bath.  Beautycounter’s mission is …

To get safer products into the hands of everyone.  

The Sheer Lipstick has been the perfect everyday moisturizing balm, along with providing a subtle hint of color. The older I get and the more I learn to love and accept myself in my natural state, the less I enjoy wearing lots of makeup or dousing myself in fake fragrances.  It’s been great to find a company who thinks about the basics and what can be found in nature, as opposed to crazy colors and toxic ingredients for the sake of changing our appearance.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.27.13 AM.png

The founder of Beautycounter is a wife and mother who devoted herself to creating safer makeup, skincare, and baby products when she learned how UN-REGULATED most beauty products are.

Beautycounter can help us to rest a little easier, because they promise a “Never List”.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 9.32.00 AM.png

If you’re interested in browsing Beautycounter, please visit Kelly’s site! I’m hosting an online “social” for my readers that will lead to GIVEAWAYS FOR YOU (follow along on Instagram), depending on how many products are purchased throughout the month of April!

Please let me know if you have any questions while shopping!

You can also contact Kelly directly: You can also follow her on Instagram: @kelly_beautycounter

Thank you for reading along my wellness journey.  I’m excited to share more of my story and favorite habits and products. Permanent change has to happen a little at a time. It’s easy to get discouraged, especially when everyday chaos sets in, but I’m hoping with an 80:20 mindset, I can continue to create a happier, healthier life for myself and my family. My mind already feels one hundred times clearer since making the changes I have, and I know it can only get better from here.


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