wellness part II : going [laundry] NUTS!

I’ve officially tried the weirdest thing ever since making an effort to live a more natural, “clean” and simple life…LAUNDRY SOAP SHELLS aka laundry nuts!


If you watched my Instagram story the other day, you were probably saying “WHAT THE BLEEP!?” to yourself as I prepped load after load of laundry with nothing but a mesh bag of five (LITERAL!) nuts. In fact, I ended up doing FIVE medium-large loads of laundry with the same small mesh sack of five nutshells from essenceONE. I did my warm loads first to soak the shells, helping them to release their saponin.

I got a few questioning messages after posting my IG story…I think some of my friends may have been worried about my sanity. They should know by now I love trying new things, and usually the stranger, the more intrigued I become. I also received a lot of curious, positive inquiries–and I want to share the truth about using nuts as soap.

I was introduced to essenceONE’s creator, Lauren, at the MN Blogger Bash last week (her story is inspiring–read it here). She was one of those people I felt like I could’ve spent hours talking to.


So what’s the deal with these magic (incredibly cost efficient, Made in MN) laundry nuts and how do they work?

essenceOne says:

Want fresh smelling laundry that isn’t made of harmful chemicals?  How about something that cleans your clothes but leaves no residue behind and is hypoallergenic?  Well, let me introduce you to Sapindus Mukorossi shells!  The little guys contain saponin, which is a natural surfactant.  Activation of the saponin from the soap shells requires nothing more than putting them directly in the wash machine in warm water.  Drawstring bags are used to contain the soap nut shells, and the shells can be reused until their saponin content has been exhausted.  Once the shells have a gray appearance or get soft and squishy, they are ready be replaced.  This is usually an average of 4-7 washes.  They are also effective in high efficiency (HE) washers and carpet cleaners because they are a low sudsing detergent.  After each wash session we recommend hanging your bag of shells to dry.

These little guys are soft on your skin as well as your clothes.  You don’t even need a laundry softener.  The shells, when wet, smell like apple cider vinegar but they leave your clothes smelling like nothing other than and fresh, clean.  The shells are anti-microbial and anti-fungal as well as hypoallergenic and perfect for baby clothes, diapers and people with sensitive skin.  They are also biodegradable and do not pollute our water systems.

The shells come from the berries of the sapindus mukorossi tree.  The berries are shaken from the trees onto nets by villagers in remote northern regions of India.  This is a major source of income for some villages and increased demand will provide an additional needed economic stimulus, plus will encourage increased planting, growth and farming.


After washing Everett’s clothes, Cory’s sweats, our towels, my delicates and another miscellaneous load, I am hooked to these little magic shells.

Do a little good for your home and your world — go laundry nuts!



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